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Tucker Box

Citrus Specialists, driven by taste.

We believe that tree ripened freshly picked Citrus fruit is best.

Tuckerbox the business is done here on our orchard in Tucker Road, Makauri, Gisborne.

The picking, packing and getting citrus off to you is done by us, Delise & Andrew Ellmers.

We grow all the fruit we sell and dont buy in any for resale.

Helping us grow our Citrus is Mother Nature, we let nature help us because Nature knows Best and has been doing this a lot longer than anyone.
Combine the richest soils in New Zealand; probably the best growing conditions thrown at us, a strong regard for Natural practice, and you probably have the best Citrus in New Zealand.

We respect our tireless beneficial insects that toil away looking after our trees, steely blue ladybirds gobbling up nasty scale, whirligig mites (that's their real name) keeping leafroller and thrip larvae at bay to name a few.
Why blow Nature's delicate balance to pieces, we all watched Lion king movie,
there is a Natural Circle of Life.
So every product used on this orchard is applied with consideration to our beneficial helpers, some specifically to enhance their environment so they can enhance the trees environment.
What it boils down to is that a healthy tree is a happy tree and a happy tree is a productive tree.
As silly as it sounds sometimes we have to protect our pests so our little helpers have something to eat over the winter period, balance is everything.

Our choice for Citrus is multi faceted, but highest on the list was: this is gentle on the environment and us. We are very comfortable living amongst our Citrus orchard.

We started planting our orchard in 2003. It was important to us to establish a crop that would produce for all seasons of the year. By growing all the latest cultivars and varieties we are bound to be harvesting fruit at any time of the year. This means we can spread our time between numerous other orchard operations such as pruning, thinning etc, rather than have the feast and famine operation dictated by such small windows of harvest of other horticultural orchards like apples, kiwifruit grapes etc.


Our Products

Oranges start Late June for us with our early Navel varieties Navelina and Newhall which carry us through till our Mid Season Oranges are ready, the Parent Navel. At the end of the season we have Summer Navels, the Barnfield Orange taking us through to Mid March or so depending on the season and demand.

All year round we have Yen Ben Lemons, a real lemon. We say real as they are often compared with Meyer, which is a half-breed, half orange, half lemon. Nothing against Meyers, but there is a discernable difference. If you desire a true lemon flavour with all of the associated health benefits, Yen Ben is for you.

At the middle of the Satsuma mandarin season (end of May to end of July) we supply Kawano and Aoshima mandarins. They are an easy peel, seedless, school lunch box wonder and a great lead in to the Orange season.

Coming into summer we have our Aufour mandarin, easy to peel, and an incredible flavour. These are a very new variety to New Zealand and we have great faith in their ability to deliver a remarkable taste experience.

We grow our Citrus fruit in a balanced healthy environment, so when we pick these off our trees they are as good as they can be.
They don't need to be sprayed, gassed, or enhanced in any way.
We believe that tree ripened freshly picked fruit is best.
We have a higher tolerance for the odd blemish or mark on the skin of our fruit, because it is an indicator that it probably wasn't sprayed for cosmetic purpose, most likely wind rub.
Lets face it, all Citrus is packaged inside a protective skin better than any man made wrap.


New Zealand Wide Delivery

A healty Citrus diet should be available for everyone

From One End of NZ to the Other End of NZ
Fastway Couries are our delivery people by choice.

Current Freight Rates Offered by FastWay Gisborne:
North Island South Island
Fruit up to 20kg $11 $21
Door to door rural delivery extra charge $6.00